grade 5 titanium unibody baseplate

manufactured calibre 0s-01

nothing to hide.
everything to show.

Right from the conception, the k-011/os-01 was born from a simple idea: Wear the baseplate directly on the wrist and thus the unique aesthetics was devised.

While being contemporary it keeps a true and pure horological spirit. The beauty and heart of the watch movement are not hidden in a shell, both sides are wide open.


motion emotion

oversized tourbillon

We wanted our 60 second 2,5hz Tourbillon regulator to be large enough to fit in a 48mm diameter baseplate. With a 14 mm balance wheel, a cage diameter of 19 mm, our Tourbillon can be appreciated by the naked eye.

sequential trigger dead beat second

The stepped- and constant-wheel are placed on top of each other. They catch up to each other every second. The sequential trigger work together for an accurate true second dance.

pellaton automatic winding system

For increased winding efficiency, we have chosen to employ a Pellaton.

platinum skeletonized micro rotor

Platinum with its high density of 21.45 g/cm³ was the logical choice for a micro rotor to create the necessary energy for the movement. This gives the rotor enough mass to wind our two springs barrel.

your style

From the strap to the Titanium bridge, the hands or the base plate, show your personality and make karoshi watches match your style.


strictly limited edition 99 pieces.

technical specifications

information request

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